So Now You Know How a Naturopathic Doctor Gets Licensed, What the Heck is Naturopathic Medicine??

So Now You Know How a Naturopathic Doctor Gets Licensed, What the Heck is Naturopathic Medicine??

Your body has the innate ability to heal itself.  Through age-old remedies of Eastern Traditional Philosophies combined with Western Science, Naturopathic Medicine embraces these ideals.  Naturopathic Medicine supports the body to heal itself, not to suppress its symptoms. 

To further illustrate this fact, think about what happens when you fall down and scrape you knee.  Your body, being the infinite healer it is, knows exactly what to do.  Your body brings platelets, growth factors and fibrin (fancy words for cells and proteins) to the site of broken skin and before you know it a scab has formed.  Amazing, right?!? So basically, your body innately knows how to heal itself given the right tools and environment. You wouldn’t give your body a pill to suppress the scab formation, would you?!?  So, why would you give your body certain pills to suppress its innate functioning? 

One of my favorite examples is chronic sinusitis.  In my experience, chronic sinusitis is linked to one’s diet.  Some other underlying factors such as food allergies, candida yeast overgrowth and dental issues can also be a root cause. But sometimes it’s as simple as a diet modification.  Cut out the gluten and sugar, both a burden to the body, and the chronic sinusitis resolves itself.  That’s the beauty of Naturopathic Medicine.  It addressed the underlying issues of health problems and treats the body’s intelligent response to the stressor.

Nowadays, our hectic, impulsive, compulsive society, which has our analytical brains working overtime, creates disconnect from our bodies and the need to listen to those warning bells, whistles and signs our body is sending us.  (Sometimes we have to be hit over the head with a 2x4).  But by connecting on a deeper level to your body and removing the obstacle to cure, you become reconnected with your body again.  Think back to the scab example.  Your body wants to heal, not be suppressed.  And that’s where Naturopathic Medicine comes in. Naturopathic Medicine provides the right tools and environment to help your body innately heal itself and thrive.

I just want you to take a moment to really think about your health.  Are you giving your body the nutrients it needs?  Take a deep look.  Really reflect.  And if you’re ready to embrace the life you’re meant to live, I look forward to working with you.

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