The Secret to Radiant and Glowing Skin and 5 Tips to Get You There!

I, like most people have struggled to have beautiful young looking skin my whole life.  I've tried a myriad of products- cleanser after moisturizer after've named it, I've tried it.  It wasn't until I really found the secret to radiant skin that my skin really started to glow.  I realized it wasn't what I was putting on my body, it's what I was putting in my body!

Nowadays, people always comment on my skin and how young looking it is.  Ok, I may just have some young looking genes, but I also follow these 5 tips listed below on a daily basis.  I'll tell you the biggest one to follow is tip below to find out more! 

Tip #1: Drink more water!

Okay, I know you've heard this a million times before, but guess what?  It's true.  Your body is made up of about 72% water. (Fun Fact Alert: the brain is 75% water!!) Not only does water help to flush toxins but it keeps us looking young, helps fight allergies, headaches and constipation...just to name a few.  So how much water do you really need?  A good rule of thumb is about half of your body weight in ounces of water.  So for example you weigh 150lbs- you need about 75 ounces of water per day.  Remember if you're drinking coffee, soda or caffeinated tea- these dehydrate you, so you need to add one cup of water for every cup of those beverages being consumed.

Tip #2: Omega 3 essential fatty acids! 

Omega 3's are essential for radiant skin and are found in products like wild caught salmon, chia seeds, krill and fish oil.  Two constituents of Omega 3's are called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). A 2005 study in the Journal of Lipid Research discovered that EPA can help block the release of the UV-induced enzymes that eat away at our collagen, causing lines and sagging skin. Because EPA is both an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory agent, it can protect against sun damage and help repair it. You can find the Omega 3's on your fish oil label (EPA and DHA) and I like to see the dosing around 1800mg combined per day.  Bonus tip: fish oil will make your hair shiny too! (side note: make sure you're buying a high quality physician grade fish oil free of artificial color, flavor, sweetener, mercury, etc).

Tip #3: Regular Bowel Movements

Your skin is actually a reflection of your gut.  Not going to the bathroom regularly (and by that I mean at least once per day!) can cause toxins and hormones to recirculate in your body.  When toxins and hormones recirculate, your body gets overloaded and the then skin becomes the detox organ where you can see eruptions and rashes occurring.  Bowel movements every day are important for glowing skin!

Tip #4: Cut the Sugar!

Okay, this one is way easier said than done, but has helped improve my skin the most.  Expert food chemists and formulators have found a way to sneak sugar into every food we're consuming  (seriously, read the labels) and sugar is an addictive substance.  Here's how it works- sugar causes an inflammatory response in the body.  Inflammation then produces enzymes that break down collagen and elastin in the body.  Translation: saggy skin and wrinkles.  White bread, candy, fried foods, ice cream, pizza and sugar are just a few of the sugar laden foods you're gonna want to avoid for youthful looking skin.  Craving something sugary?  Try eating something sour, like a lemon and see if that helps to curb those cravings. 


Tip #5:  Sweat!

Like I mentioned before, your skin is a detox organ.  Actually the largest detox organ we have.  And when you sweat, circulation is increased and toxins are released through your sweat.  Have your ever noticed how most athletes have beautiful skin?  It's because they sweat..a lot! (and they drink LOTS of water; see Tip #1) Ok, so you don't need to train like an Olympic athlete, but hopping in a sauna a couple of times per week will make a difference.  Don't have access to a sauna?  Anything to get you breaking a little sweat will work.  Be creative! (tip: YouTube has seven minute workout videos that are great...did I mention they're only seven minutes!)

Hopefully you've enjoyed reading these 5 tips and can start implementing them into your life today!  If you're feeling overwhelmed, don't worry you can start with one at a time.  Just know, the secret to healthy skin starts from the inside out and is definitely within your reach.  And sometimes there may be something larger going on including but not limited to: food sensitivities, candida overgrowth, hormones and/or stress. If you're looking for help with these, I'm here for you.

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