5 Simple Tips to Decrease Your Stress Right Now

How Can I Decrease My Stress Levels??


What a great question!  And who isn't affected by stress nowadays?? Stress is one of those things that no matter what, it’s not going to go away completely.   Whether you’re rushing to a meeting, trying to pick the kids up from school or running your own business, you have stress!  But good news…you can learn strategies to help cope with and reduce those little stress demons!

I have to say there is no single relaxation technique that is right for everyone.  But here are a few of my favorites that have worked well for me.  After having gone through medical school and driving on freeways 8 lanes wide, I have learned a couple of tricks along the way.  So pick and choose what feels good to you.  Here are 5 tools to add to your de-stress toolbox:

1. Life’s A Beach!.  Research shows that looking at a serene setting promotes your relaxation hormones and can help you to feel calmer and restore states of peace.  Luckily for us lucky ones in North County San Diego, the beach is right down the road!  If you’re not able to look at the beach, search for a beautiful picture on the Internet.  Here, I've done the work for you. Enjoy!

2. Tea Time!  If you visit your local health food store you can find all types of stress relaxation teas.  One of my favorites is Kava Stress Relief Tea!  Tea is a wonderful ritual to employ the next time you’re feeling stressed.

3.  Practice Mindfulness.  What the heck does mindfulness mean??  It’s the ability to remain aware of how you’re feeling at the given moment.  Try being mindful next time you’re driving in traffic.  How are you feeling?  Try remaining present and don’t judge yourself for the past or the future.  Can you enjoy this moment?  I love the representation below depicting the difference of mind-full vs mindful :)

4. Take A Chill Pill!.  Usually when we get stressed, our breath becomes shallow and fast.  Also, did you know that fear is excitement without the breath?  Try taking 10 slow deep belly breaths. Breath into your fear or stress.  Transform the energy into something positive.  Check-in with how you feel after.


5. Your Main Squeeze!   Acupressure is a quick way to release tension and get the blood flowing.  For fast relief, apply pressure to the fleshy part between your thumb and index finger for 30 seconds.  Repeat on the other side.  You can even try adding an essential oil like lavender to the area. 


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