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Patient Success Stories

“I had gas, bloating, fatigue, itchiness, anxiety for as long as I can remember. Within a few months of coming here all of that went away. I can travel without any worries now. “

Dory C.

"Not only has my acne gone away and my skin looks great, but I feel great!"

Taryn M.

"I'm so grateful that Dr. Chil and Dr. Stephanie have shared their extensive knowledge on PRP with me, I can't wait to help my patients."

Dr. Armstrong

"I have been getting so many compliments on my skin and continuously being asked by random people and friends what type of skin care I use because my skin glows."

Christina M.

"I had never even heard of SIBO. They diagnosed me and within a week my long standings digestion issues were eased. I feel like my old self again!"

Brittany N.

"I am grateful for them both. I have learned so much from these doctors."

Dr. Alexis

"My skin has never looked so good. I love the PRP treatments."

Prinky P.

"I had no idea what nutrients I was deficient in and the docs helped to uncover some serious nutrient deficiencies"

Sandy C.

"If you're looking to take your health to the next level this is your place"

Tiffani F.

"Love the fatburn shot!"

Kimberly M.

“My energy levels went from a 3 out of 10 to an 8 out of 10 and I have so much energy, I don’t know what to do with it, oh also my gas is gone!”

Tonia B.

“No one could figure out what was wrong with me for 8 years, so happy I found this place and they figured it out . It took some time but I have never felt better.”

Jennifer N.

"My regular doctor said my thyroid was fine, but I wasn't feeling good. These doctors dug deeper and found out my thyroid wasn't functioning at it's best. They helped me get my energy back!"

Stephanie M.

"I love how thorough they were at explaining my lab work, no doctor has done that for me before"

Melanie B.

"My gas and bloating that I had forever, is finally gone"

Nicole P.

"I can't believe my eczema went away"

Brooke J.

"My hair is so much thicker"

Brent M.

"I'm able to run marathons again"

Lianne H.

"I love that there is a natural way to help prevent my face from sagging "

Penny S.

"Since I have Chrohns, I can't absorb a lot of nutrients. These IV's have given me the energy that I've needed"

Wendy B.